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Corona, CA

This division of the practice focuses on all aspects of dermatology care including Medical, Surgical, Mohs and More. This includes skin checks, mole checks, acne, warts, psoriasis, eczema and all conditions related to the skin, hair and nails.
One of the highlights of this location is full access to an Ambulatory Surgery Center when needed.


Huntington Beach, California

This division of the practice focuses primarily on the diagnosis and treatment of Skin Cancer and Melanoma.  Dr. Sedrak performs advanced Mohs Micrographic Surgery procedures to remove skin cancer and reconstruct the area.
Dr. Laura Cohen, MD, founded this location and continues her practice here as well. 
Dr. Silvia Sedrak, A board certified physician with special interest in dermatology also practices here. She is he wife of D. Joseph Sedrak.


Skin Cancer Surgery

This division of the practice focuses on the advanced skin cancer treatment and reconstruction process, Mohs Surgery.  Dr. Joseph Sedrak is one of the only double Board certified physicians in the area, Board certified in Micrographic Dermatologic Surgery (Mohs Surgery) and Dermatology.

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